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For website Food Forest 2

Ever imagine a landscape that is both beautiful and productive?! Well it is possible! We've found a way for berries, flowers, trees and herbs to conexist and produce from summer to fall.

Read more: Fruit Tree & Berry Bush Landscape, a Backyard Groceries' product

Aurora Facing West After

Starting with nothing, watch as a backyard is transformed and an Edible Landscape installed!


Read more: Creation of an Edible Landscape

worm bin snap pic 

Exciting Worm Bin Construction with EnviroMental Guys

Small Space? Winter? Not a problem when you're composting with worms!

Read more: Make your Own Worm Bin!

Part of the living sustainably equation is realistic housing. For many reasons the tiny homes movement is now taking place!

Read more: Small House Movement

erase 3

Rarely are details and comprehensive overviews combined in one short video presentation. Here is an excellent video on how Monsanto has destroyed the scientific process,


Read more: Monsanto Undermines Science


A year after starting Backyard Groceries' first lasagna bed, let's take a look and see how things are progressing

Read more: Lasagna Bed with Backyard Groceries

cow pig

DO allergies and auto-immune disorders have the same cause? Genetically modified foods...(A TOP 5 PICK)

Read more: The Sick Story of Genetically Modified Organisms - Full Documentary

Intensive Urban Gardening: a News piece on what the Dervaes Family did with their suburban lot.


Read more: Dervaes Family Urban Farm


Biochar: The oldest thing that you've never heard of. TED talk

Watch the Video: TEDx - Biochar

Food Inc.
An investigative look into the commerical production of food.

Watch the Video: Food Inc

 Do we really need industrial agriculture to feed the world?

Watch the Video: Do we need Industrial Agriculture?

Now that you've taken a peak at food production systems, here is the  rest of what is being hid from you with some options for moving forward. Very well put together. Look for Thrive movements around you!

Watch the Video: Thrive

The Permaculture Behind Greening the Desert with Geoff Lawton. 8 minute summary of how permaculture was able to restore desert to grow fruit trees etc..

Watch the Video: Permaculture - Greening the Desert!


Exposing the connections between government and a private business who's goal is to take over the food market in part by patenting life.

Watch the Video: The World According to Monsanto

This organization is on the front lines with corporate monopolies that are trying to own all the seed with devasting consequences. A must watch. Seeds are our lifeblood to freedom and life on this planet.

Read more: Seeds of Freedom

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